Posten Åland AB

This film shows the great flexibility of mechanical protective packaging.

Investing in new packaging machinery enables us to package various types of products mechanically with different formats, sizes and weights, using the same machine and the same packaging.

The machine produces the protective packaging required for the goods in question. The film shows this process for products such as DVDs, books, dietary supplements, retail goods and various other products. However, this is only a fraction of what can be packaged using this flexible packaging machine. Each shipment item is also weighed and automatically labelled with the address and the correct postal information. Advanced IT solutions ensure that the invoice in the shipment item is matched with the address label. Another advantage is that the machine registers every order that has been packaged. 


We can report this information to the company sending the order to the recipient in real time. The company can then send an e-mail or a text message to the recipient to confirm that the order in question has been packaged and sent for posting.

It is therefore possible to track what has been packaged and posted, and when this occurred - a service that our customers demand.



Savings as quoted by Game Group, Basingstoke UK following the purchase of the 3 System Packaging Model 9000-18 Machines:

  • Saving in staff costs of 14 people per machine

  • Reduction in temporary staff costs of approx 30 during busy period

  • Increase in productivity of 1000%

  • Up to 1500 items per hour packaged

  • Last despatch date for Christmas extended by 7 days

  • Machines expected to payoff themselves within 18 months

  • Postal sort to eight different areas enabling discount from Royal Mail

  • More right first time as human error reduced

  • Carbon footprint reduced as less warehouse space required for faster stock turnaround