Automated Packaging Machine company purchased by Angloscand Ltd

Angloscand Ltd. has taken the opportunity to repurchase a well known Automated Packaging Machine company in the UK. Angus & Wright was a market leader in the automated coldseal packaging machine market since 1991 and was briefly owned by Bong AB of Sweden. John Wright, with 25 years of market experience, will lead the new operation.


Angloscand Ltd. remains the main European distributor for System Packaging of Ohio, the market leader in coldseal machinery.

Angloscand Ltd has numerous installations throughout Europe and supply a wide range of System Packaging Coldseal Machinery supported by a comprehensive range of coldseal materials, largely supplied by local European Bong units.

A typical installation offers:

• A reduction of manual packing by up to 80%.

A maximum of two operators produce up to 30 packages a minute.

• Fully automatic print&apply labelling, inline printing and insertion,

• plus many other options including random lenth capability/auto sizing.

Recent installations include Schenker in Sweden and DHL in the UK. Details of machines and materials are available on our website.


Angloscand Ltd. strives to continue the legacy of Angus & Wright by providing outstanding customer support and know-how to existing and new customers. We aim to bring new and improved products to the market, our goal is customer satisfaction.