2016 Overview for System Packaging

2016 was a very successful year for System Packaging...

We had our highest grossing Annual Machinery Sales ever,

It was our 3rd consecutive year of growth

Sales were up 54% over 2015 which was up 11% from 2014,

We shipped equipment all over the world, to South America, Central America, Australia, Sweden, the United Kingdom as well as coast to coast throughout the United States.

We launched and transitioned all our machinery lines into a NEW PLC and Touchscreen, adding many new features, enhancements and opportunities for BOTH our customers as well as ourselves.

We have been successful in automating the Packaging Function in multiple markets, such as:

  • Ecommerce Clothing and Footwear Retailers
  • Religious and Educational Books
  • Educational At Home Media
  • Pre-Owned Book Distributors
  • Large 3PL Distribution Centers
  • Cabinet Manufacturers
  • Automotive Spare Part Distribution
  • Flooring Sample Packaging
  • Industrial Parts Packaging

We have also built bagging systems for the Odor control and air freshening market as well as the Orthodontic Band bagging sector.