Coldseal Corrugated Cohesive Kraft Paper

The coldseal material has a special latex coating on the inner face which seals to itself when pressed together to provide an industrial protective packaging, available in plain or printed. This does not adhere to or leave a residue on the item packaged.

The Coldseal Kraft and Corrugated Cohesive Kraft Paper is also available in rolls and sheets, measureable to your requirements and budgets. A tear strip can be added to assist with easier opening of the packages.

For heavy-weight protection, we recommend corrugated cardboard rolls, ideal for industrial protective packaging. The layer of corrugated cardboard provides a shockproof and protective packaging, as the specialist Kraft papers give added protections against corrosion, water and moisture.  

Also available:

-          Plain Kraft 

Coldseal Corrugated Cohesive Kraft Paper