Coldseal Materials

They have been specially designed with a latex coating on the inside to ensure a quick, simple and highly effective process. The Coldseal material comes pre-prepared for wrapping around products of all sizes up to 6 metres long.

Coldseal materials provide an environmentally friendly material, as the continuous roll ensures there is very little wastage.This process improves your environmental performance at the same time provides a cost effective solution. 

  • Excellent protection against items against rust
  • Reduce costs and carbon footprint by minimising individual package size
  • Provide ideal postage for small order dispatch including: books, CD’s, hardware, spare parts etc.
  • Purchasable by the roll or in sheets, available bespoke made to your individual requirements.
  • Customer receives their goods in perfect condition
Coldseal Corrugated Cohesive Kraft

Coldseal Corrugated Cohesive Kraft Paper

Our Coldseal Corrugated Cohesive Kraft is also available in rolls and sheets, measurable to your requirements and budgets.

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Coldseal Cohesive Film

Coldseal Cohesive Film

Our Coldseal Cohesive film can be plain or printed and has a variety of applications - suitable for a variety of requirements.

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Coldseal Polypaper - laminated self sealing packaging material

Coldseal Polypaper

ColdSeal® Polypaper is a laminated self sealing packaging material specifically designed for packaging Clothing, Shoes and other items.

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